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AAP Special Course Application Guide

The Foreign Student Education Consortium SHIKOKU (FC-SHIKOKU) is offering Special Course for international Students from ASia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim (AAP Special Course). Students may be supported by Japanase goverment scholarship (Monbugakusho) or privately funded.
Academic Plan

The AAP Special course is a five year continous education program composed of master’s and doctoral courses. After completion of all the requirements in the first two year mater’s course, a student will be awarded a master’s degree from the university where he/she was located. Students are expected to continue their studies in the doctoral course (three years) of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehimi University. Students will be awarded doctoral degreees after completion of all requirements, which include havingtheir doctoral dissertation approved and passsting the final examination. Privately funded students mal only enroll in Master’s course.

All classses and research instructions are given in English, however all students are required to take a Survival Japanese class after entering the program and, if desired, students can take other Japanese language classes.
Qualifications for Japanese Goverment Scholarship

1. Applicants must be under 35 years old as of April 1, 2010;
2. Academic Career: Those who fulfill one of the qualifications below;
1. Must be graduate of a Japanese University or have academic ability equal or superior to that of a university graduate.
2. Those who have completed or will complete a 16-year school curriculum in a foreign country
3. Those who have completed a 15-year school curriculum in a foreign country, and who have been recognized by the FC-SHIKOKU to have obtained the prescribed units with first-class honors.
3. Applicant must be physicaly and mentally healthy enough to study at university
4. Language: Those who speak, read, and write well in English;
5. Applicant must be able to arrive in Japan between September 24 and October 7, 2010
6. Applicants who wish to study only for the two year master’s course should not apply
7. Visa Requirement: If selected, the applicant will be required to acquire a “College Student, (ryugaku)” visa prior to coming to Japan
8. The following are not eligible
1. Military presonnel and civilian employees in the armed forces
2. Those who do not arrive in Japan during the time specified above
3. Those who are recipients of scholarship or fellowships from any other sources
4. Those who have received a Japanese Goverment scholarship within the past three years
5. Those who apply another university of this scholarship, 2010 Japanese embassy recommendation
6. Those who are applying as prospective university graduate and fail to graduate by Septeber 2010

Scholarship Benefits

1. Allowance: Each grantee will be provided monthly with 154.00 yen (tentative) for 5 years
2. All school fees shall be exempted
3. Transportation to and from Japan will be provided with an economy class air ticket by MEXT (only at the beginning and the end of program)

Application Procedure

1. Fill all the application form (pledge, field of study);
2. Certificate of health issed withing 6 months of applying (use enclosed form)
3. A letter of recommendation written by the dean or higher of the applicant’s university or institution addressed to the president of the university to which the applicant is applying (use enclosed form)
4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or the equivalent qualifyng the applicant’s ability and career addressed to the dean of the graduate school of Agriculture of the university to which the applicant is applying. In this letter of recommendation, the applicant’s English ability should be evaluated in terms of excellent or good (use enclosed form)
5. Certificate of citizenship issued by municipial authorities (fotokopi KTP dan KK)
6. A copy of certificate of graduation or an official form showing that the applicant is expected to graduate
7. A copy of applicants academic record (English)
8. Four 6×4cm phothographs. Taken within 6 months on applying with the applicant’s name and nationality written on the reverse side. Two should be pasted on the application forms, where indicated
9. An abstract of applicant’s graduation thesis or equivalent (less than 5 pages, A4 size)
10. The original of certified copy of the score results of an English proficiency test such as TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS
11. All form should be filled out with English using typewriter or word processor

All of the application form and other documents (2 copies) should be submitted to Office of International Affairs by Januari 25, 2010

Additional information about this program can be found

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